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Introduction Post

Welcome to criticsbookclub

This community is for people who are interested in good books, and especially interested in sharing them. Feel free to be as snobby as you like, but keep yourself open for debate. You can use this community to talk about books you like, post reviews, ask for reccommendations, and anything else book-related you can think of.

Join if:
  1. You enjoy reading.
  2. You are overly critical of the books you like to read.
  3. You feel that you have exceptional taste in novels.
  4. You have the time and ability to read (relatively) quickly and thoroughly.
  5. You are interested in sharing great books with fellow readers.
  6. You have a fairly strong grasp on the English language.

Rules (for now):
  1. Make an introduction post. Tell us your name, where you are from, some of your favourite books/authors, the last book(s) you read, and a slight synopsis of one of your favourites.
  2. When making reviews, post the title, author, and (optionally) ISBN of the book you are reviewing.
  3. When posting reviews not written by yourself, please credit your source.
  4. Be nice; understand that we all have different opinions, and that while a certain book may not be our cup of tea, it can still be an amazing book.
  5. Keep yourself open to intelligent debate about books you like.
  6. And finally, I'm using the three-strikes system. Strike one: You get a warning. Strike two: Banned for a week. Strike three: Permanently banned.

Maintainers notes:

Hi there.

I made this community a long time ago, but now I'm considering making it active. This was originially started as an anti-Oprah's book club community, but I'm kind of over that now, and just want a nice place to talk about books. Perhaps in the future we could do a book club reading where we all try to get access to the same book. This could be made easier with the advent of electronic books, so we'll see what happens with that. Any suggestions/comments for me can be sent in the direction of my livejournal, elsabet, or you can e-mail me: elsabet@livejournal.com.

I hope you enjoy!
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